We advise clients about foreseeable costs before installation begins, remove existing flooring and discarding of this material.​ We cover hardwood, carpeting, tiles, epoxy, laminate and  luxury vinyl. We ensure that the flooring materials are well-positioned, secure, and clean.


   We prepare painting surfaces by washing walls, repairing holes, or removing old paint. Furniture repair and spray painting is our talent. We provide decorative and faux finishes as the project requires. 

Tile (backsplash)

  Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen is as important as any other aspect of your overall design. Backsplash tile can be a focal point to draw the eye or a backdrop to feature accent pieces.


   We are familiarized with trim work, and drywall repair/installation.  We rehab rental units, new framing, remodel kitchen and baths, replace windows and doors.​

Cabinet Refinishing

 Even with meticulous maintenance and care, wood finish loses its luster, and cabinets take on a shabby appearance. But with our professional refinishing, you can restore your cabinets to just-like-new appearance.​


   We perform a range of maintenance duties for homeowners and businesses, our duties include fixing plumbing systems, installing lighting fixtures, repair drywalls, fence paint, TV mounts and others! 

Furniture Assembly

   Our duties include adjusting, trimming, fitting parts, inspecting wood, ensuring quality standards,, and using equipment such as screwdrivers, drawer machines, and staple guns.

Glass and Mirror

 We install glass as windows, doors, displays, storefronts and skylights whether insulated or non insulated. If necessary we also install sashes or moldings for installations and secure them with a variety of fasteners.